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A Little About Us

Techsol Softwares Kenya is a leading Software Solution Provider and IT Consulting Company that is based out of Kenya. We provide our clients with a suite of state-of-the-art and modern software that not only enables them to formulate comprehensive IT strategies but which also allows them to undertake complete technological and digital transformations.

At Techsol, the aim and ambition of your business are our only gospel. We believe in combining our strategic and analytics-driven IT consulting with your vision to digitalize and automate all your core operations. Subsequently, we are increasingly committed to optimizing your software portfolio by equipping it with the latest range of technologies out there.

Additionally, our research-oriented modus operandi and multidimensional understanding of all the latest market trends always allow us to be a step ahead of our competition. In the case of upgrading our client’s software architecture, this is a sentiment that we actively look forward to fostering in their spirits as well.

Our tech-powered digital strategies ensure that you always stay ahead of the curve while taking care of your enterprise and operational workflow.

Today, as the market continues to become more competitive with every passing second, we continue to hold the fort for our clients with the help of our advanced software solutions that streamline their product delivery and allow space for the implementation of novel technologies into their pre-existing software blueprint.

The range of software that we provide to our clients encompasses an extensive and rather diverse spectrum. Ranging from Quickbooks Accounting, the best POS systems, and HR payroll software to top-grade restaurant POS systems and other related POS system software tools, we have got you covered on every front.

We take pride in offering the best POS machine prices in Kenya for these services. Consequently, we help smoothen your transition from ineffective, outdated, and ineffective software architectures into an upgraded framework that is custom-made for all of your business requirements.

At the helm of our affairs is our team of dynamic and highly experienced professionals who not only guide you throughout this entire journey but also ensure sound implementation and support at every step of the process.

Our team of IT consultants and advisors first carry out in-depth and comprehensive scrutiny of both your existing software portfolio as well as the mobile strategy that your enterprise has in place. Post this, they advise you on all the requisite changes that you need to implement to remove all those roadblocks that can threaten to plague the operational efficiency of your existing arrangement.

These suggestions usually entail a horde of new infrastructure establishments, the inclusion of third-party solutions, and other technological developments that you can readily avail of at all times. Meticulous planning and constructive execution top the priority list of our team of engineers, who work tirelessly towards delivering an IT strategy that satisfies both your short-term as well as long-term goals and objectives.