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Techsol Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software

Our diverse range of software solutions and a team of distinguished professionals are increasingly committed to facilitating sound maintenance and a perfect level of synchronization and coordination among different verticals of your operational pipeline. Subsequently, our services are singularly directed towards establishing a functional efficiency that bolsters your level of customer service by leaps and bounds. Additionally, not only does it let you cut down substantially on your operational costs but also on the time that is consumed at each rung of your pipeline. In the process we let you achieve a degree of excellence that is second to none.

With TechSol at your disposal, prepare to bid farewell to inefficient and unproductive software architectural setups and embrace the power of streamlined delivery systems that not only automates and digitalizes your core operations but also lets you implement new and state-of-the-art technologies to revamp your digital strategies. By thoroughly scrutinizing your enterprise’s framework for potential roadblocks, we help you gain a competitive advantage by regulating the streamlining, organization, and optimization of all your operational wings and processes. These might range from the developmental stages of procurement and logistics execution and extend to include the more functional aspects of manufacturing, product developments as well as sales and services.

As a result, you are able to establish a routine that makes for smoother day to day operations, maximizing your profitability, and optimizing your resource utilization in the process. Further, it also lets you cut down on non-essential costs and expenditures, thus allowing you to seal all possible avenues of vulnerability within your budget. All of these aspects work in unison towards improving the overall productivity of your service life cycle and scale new heights of value creation.

  • Extensive WIP production module– This module serves the purpose of tracking your production for each stage and keeps a tab on all developments concerning machine shifts & operators. Additionally, the responsibilities of tracking rejections, rework, wastages, and scraps for each production are also taken care of by this particular module.
  • Extensive item tracking– With the help of this module one can employ the functionalities of batch tracking, serial numbering, as well as make use of multiple measurement units within their operational framework.
  • The advance material requirement planning (MRP) module keeps a track of all in-house production and other associated job work.
  • Automatic vendors allow you to schedule and purchase indent generation as per your convenience.
  • The aspects of repacking, reprocessing, and replacement of materials are actively monitored and regulated in tandem with production and manufacturing related operations.
  • Users get to avail of unlimited PO amendment and tracking services.
  • Supplementary invoice for retrospective rate amendments is provided without fail, besides furnishing offline invoices at all deports and warehouses. Further, users get to avail the benefit of multi-currency support as well.
  • Along with providing the comfort of remote web-based authorization, users also get access to ready provisions to export documentation to any part of the world.

Besides the mentioned modules, other more customized and high functionality modules such as those of sales and distribution management, accounting, supply and procurement, story and inventory, plant maintenance, and production with WIP is also provided to the clients. Modules that are specifically meant for tracking productivity and manpower within the system such as quality management, payroll, excise records, CRM, scheme management as well as web reports are also made available to the user.


• Supply and Procurement management
• Sales and distribution management
• Accounting module
• Store and inventory management
• Quality management
• Production with WIP
• Job work out-source
• Job work in-source
• Material Requirement Planning
• Excise Records
• Payroll
• Plant maintenance
• Fixed asset
• Scheme management
• Web Reports