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A digitalised and automated Human Resource Management Software forms the backbone of any corporate environment out there. Irrespective of whether your firm is a multinational conglomerate or a start-up fresh on the block, an organised and well-designed human resource management system is indispensable to your operational workflow under all circumstances. Not only does it let you track the workflow and actions of your employees on a daily basis, but also allows for an effective streamlining and cataloguing of every other auxiliary piece of information and data that is associated with them. Recognising the vitality of such a self-sufficient system in a corporate system, TechSol provides its users with an integrated, compliant, cost-effective and comprehensive Human Resource and Payroll Management system that is engineered exclusively with the view of providing your organisation with a suitable avenue of managing all of their Human Capital assets efficiently. Equipped with every aspect of human resources administration and armed with all the suitable reporting capabilities, it is the ideal tool for HR and Payroll management.

TechSol’s sophisticated Human Resource Management System helps organizations manage their entire employee lifecycle right from the initial and developmental stages of planning and recruiting to the more functional and concrete aspects of settling employing benefits and rolling out their compensations. The architecture of the system draws its basis from a modular approach and thus caters itself unequivocally to smaller firms, mid- level enterprises as well as larger multi-national and transnational corporations and organisations.

Components of the HRMS

TechSol’s HRMS is phased out into a series of independent modules or components, each of which is responsible for regulating the activities and functions of a particular wing of the human resource framework.

  • Payroll Management– The payroll management module fixes and regulates the payment cycle of all the employees on your company’s payroll. The entire process of rolling out the payments is automated and it executes itself on the set date of every month. Additionally, this module also takes care of all employee reimbursements and other compensations that need to be carried out.
  • Biodata Management– This module provides companies with a singular platform wherein they can compile and monitor all of their employee’s requisite personal data and information.
  • Recruitment Management– With the help of this module you can not only keep track of your firm’s talent requirement but also monitor and regulate the onboarding of all new recruits.
  • Performance Management– By this module, a company can track the performance of its employees on a daily, weekly, as well as a monthly basis and generate insights and reports accordingly.
  • Training Needs Analysis– This module sheds light on the underperforming employees at your firm who might be in urgent need of upskilling or a domain specific training to get them back on track.
  • Leave Management– Helps the company regulate and keep track of each of its employee’s paid, unpaid, and medical and other emergency leaves.
  • Disciplinary Cases Management– This module takes into account peer reports to help the administration keep an active eye on those employees whose actions are claimed to violate the established set of workplace ethics and etiquettes.
  • Medical Claims Management– Helps the management regulate all those leaves that have been claimed by the employees on grounds of medical emergency.
  • Time Management– Keeps track of your employee’s regular working hours by taking into account their entry and exit time stamps.
  • Employee and Manager Self-service– Establishes a sound and transparent channel of communication between the employees and their managers to coordinate all team-related activities and project deadlines.

HR Payroll Tools to Make Your Work Easier

  • Payroll Management
  • Loan and Savings Management
  • Employee Biodata Management
  • Leave/Absence Management
  • Time and Attendance Management
  • Employee appraisal and Performance Management
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Disciplinary Cases Management
  • On-job Training Management
  • Recruitment Management
  • Online Job Application Management
  • Medical Bills and Claims Management
  • Employee Self-service
  • Manager Self-service
  • Employee Assets Declaration
  • Custom Reports Engine
  • Integration to an accounting system/ERP, electronic banking and Time and attendance machines