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Point of Sale System:

point of sale software

Our point-of-sale software includes sales, accounting, and inventory management modules.
Techsol POS software allows you to manage sales and track inventory movement. Determine when you need to re-order and examine inventory levels item by item.
Each sale is logged in real-time, ensuring that inventory records are always current.

This Point of Sale software is ideal for supermarkets, mini-supermarkets, bookstores, cosmetics, retail stores, wholesale stores, hardware stores, groceries, bars, restaurants, wine and spirits, and other similar establishments.

Reporting capabilities available in the POS software include sales by specific inventory items, by a salesperson, or by category.
It can be for the day, month, or year to date, costs, profits, and losses. You can also view the report for each hour for any period.

With the POS system:
• You may analyze sales data, determine how well individual items sell and change buy levels using the POS system.

Maintaining a sales history enables you to alter your purchasing decisions according to seasonal purchasing trends.

• Increasing the accuracy of pricing by integrating barcode scanners with the POS system

How You will benefit from using Techsol Software Kenya Point of Sale System.

  • Techsol Point of sale software Kenya will help you  improve on  customer service by enabling you to serve them in a fast and convenient way. Techsol Point of sale System provides your customers with a great customer experience which in return will make them want to come back and buy from you again.
  • The POS System gives you the power to manage your stock/inventory with ease. The POS will give you real time stock levels which will help you make important stock decisions.
  • Our Point of sale integrates with barcode scanner which tremendously improves accuracy in inventory updates and also product search when selling..
  • Generate a presentable customer receipt in a fast and effecient manner from the point of sale System. It will always keep a copy incase you need it in the future.
  • The Point of sale need not only to be used for sales, The POS has Employee management module which enable you to manage and monitor time attendance and productivity of your employees.
  • With Techsol Software Kenya Point of sale, you can create customer accounts and then sale to them on credit. With the POS system you will be able to see comprehensive individual customer purchase and payments history reports.
  • Techsol Software Kenya  point of sales supports multiple users of the system with access roles assigned per user depending on his/her role in the business.
  • Our POS  provides quick snapshots and charts on your store’s/inventory sales performance.
  • Software Kenya Techsol POS enables businesses to connect Point of Sale hardware such as cash drawers, Receipt POS printers, Credit card scanners, Barcode scanners etc.

Features Of The Point Of Sale:

• Sales Management
• Comprehensive Sales Report
• Inventory Management
• Inventory Reports
• Credit Sales for registered Customers
• Data Import/Export
• Customer Management
• Supplier Management
• Touch Enabled
• Ease of integration with Other Point Of Sale System Components such as;
Cash Drawer
Thermal Printer
Barcode Scanner
Weighing Scale

More Info On The Point Of Sale:
What is a Point of Sale?

It is the central component of any retail Business, the hub where everything merges.
Our systems can increase efficiency, improve accuracy, cut operating costs and manage your inventory.

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