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Techsol Software prides itself in providing the best Quickbooks accounting solutions and point of sale software services out there. Additionally, its restaurant POS services, human resource management system, and computer repair and maintenance software tools establish it among the most well-rounded and equipped IT consultancy and software providers globally.
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Computer Repair and Maintenance

Techsol’s leading computer repair and maintenance services arm your firm with the necessary resources and expertise that is required to set up a network infrastructure for your company.

This network subsequently helps in the setting up of a transparent and solid channel of communication between the various non-intersecting arms of your firm in order to smoothen the overall workflow of your enterprise.

Additionally, TechSol also pitches in as a consultant on a horde of IT-related matters that might require troubleshooting and subsequently furnishes you with solutions that are best suited for both your immediate as well as long-term requirements and objectives.

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Enterprise Resource Planning Software

Bid farewell to inefficient and unproductive software architectural setups and embrace the power of streamlined delivery systems that not only automates and digitalizes your core operations but also lets you revamp your digital strategies. By thoroughly scrutinizing your enterprise’s framework for potential roadblocks, we help you gain a competitive advantage by regulating the streamlining, organization, and optimization of all your operational wings and processes. These might range from the developmental stages of procurement and logistics execution and extend to include the more functional aspects of manufacturing, product developments, sales and services.

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Hotel Management Software

The Graphical User Interface of TechSol’s premier hotel management software is as user-friendly as it is intuitive. The constituent features are incredibly easy to access and use and the interface’s interactive functionality ensures that the scope of learning faces no hurdles whatsoever. Designed and developed with the latest technology, the software is tailor-made to effortlessly implement a wide spectrum of solutions at all points in time. Irrespective of whether you are an individual hotel or a multi-chain establishment, you will find yourself benefitting from our application software that has been designed to meet and resolve all relevant industry-grade requirements.

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HR Payroll Software

Techsol Softwares Human Resource Management System helps organizations manage their entire employee lifecycle right from the initial and developmental stages of planning and recruiting to the more functional and concrete aspects of settling employing benefits and rolling out their compensations. The architecture of the system caters itself to small firms, mid-level enterprises as well as larger multinational and transnational corporations. Its HRMS is phased out into a series of independent modules, each of which is responsible for regulating the activities.

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Quickbooks Accounting

Our tech-fuelled and research oriented quickbooks accounting software and solutions promises to be the one stop solution for all your accounting needs. From promptly reporting and recording all of your company’s financial transactions, to helping you break down and analyse your financial condition, we do it all for you. With us at your disposal you essentially gain access to a large variety of functionalities and services such as generating reports, managing contacts of both vendors and customers, recording transactions, as well as tracking stock and monitoring account balances.


CCTV and Biometrics Installation:

Techsol’s premium and round the clock CCTV and biometrics installation services make sure that your organisation’s surveillance requirements always remain catered to. Our team of experts and tech diagnosticians not only canvas the perimeters of your firm for the best and most suitable installation spots but also advise you on the most effective mode of action using which you can streamline both the company’s surveillance and operational wings. In the process, by outsourcing your security an surveillance needs, you get ample time to focus on functional aspects of your enterprise.